NFSTC seeks forensic science and intelligence experts

Close up of hands during biological screening processNFSTC is actively seeking expressions of interest from candidates for two potential employment opportunities contingent upon contract award. Qualified individuals may be included in our proposal or for invitation to join our applicant pool once we are in a position to hire. The positions are for mid-to-senior level:

  • Forensic Intelligence Expert with experience in Biometric and Forensic Intelligence analysis, Weapons Technical Intelligence analysis (inert EOD), and Media Exploitation (MEDEX/CELLEX/DOMEX).
  • Forensic Science Expert with experience in DNA Analysis, Forensic Toxicology/Chemistry, Toolmarks/Firearms Examination, and Latent Print Examination.

The responsibilities of these positions will include provision of subject matter expertise to global forensic and biometric laboratories in support of military identity management activities.

To learn more about the Forensic Intelligence position click here, for the Forensic Science position please click here.

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