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Forensic Information Data Exchange (FIDEX)

Improving Forensic Information Exchange with FIDEX

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Built using 21st century, web-based technology, the FIDEX tool provides an electronic platform that enables NIEM-conformant exchanges of forensic information among criminal justice stakeholders, including law enforcement, crime labs and the courts. FIDEX provides an end-to-end solution for the real-time exchange of forensic case information, while enhancing and integrating the functionality of formerly stand-alone information management systems in different law enforcement agencies and crime labs.

The FIDEX system consists of the FIDEX portal and two standardized sets of Information Exchange Package Documents (IEPDs), one for submitting forensic cases to the crime lab and one for tracking the disposition of court cases for which forensic evidence has been submitted. By electronically determining the real-time status of court cases, crime labs can reduce their backlogs by identifying cases that have been dismissed or plea bargained in the courts and no longer need analysis.

The system includes a management reporting feature, the Executive Dashboard, that enables informed resource allocation based on real-time data about the court system status of the lab’s backlogged cases. Through this and other features, FIDEX supports improved, more efficient business processes and workflow management, as well as quicker case resolution.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses NIEM-compliant, 21st century, web-based technology
  • Provides an end-to-end solution for real-time exchange of forensic case information among criminal justice stakeholders
  • Enhances and integrates stand-alone information management systems in different law enforcement agencies and crime labs
  • Standardizes case submission for law enforcement, streamlining case intake and management within the crime laboratory
  • Includes a management reporting feature, the Executive Dashboard, that provides real-time data for improved resource allocation

Executive Dashboard

These and other Executive Dashboard screens inform workflow management.








FIDEX offers scalable integration of previously isolated information systems in the law enforcement community. The system represents a ground-breaking step toward faster resolution of crime lab casework, reducing backlogs and benefiting law enforcement agencies, crime labs and the community as a whole.

Resource Materials

To learn more about FIDEX or to implement FIDEX at your agency, download the Project Report, Implementation Guide, Submission or Disposition IEPDs, or FIDEX Portal by clicking the links below:

For further information about FIDEX, contact us at sales@nfstc.org.

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