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Archive for Month: June 2011


Students Tour NFSTC with STEM TEC summer program

Nearly 50 high school students visited NFSTC yesterday as part of the 2011 STEM TEC summer program, sponsored by Junior Achievement and WorkNet Pinellas. The students learned about field testing at crime scenes, gaming technology and CSI training, fingerprint development and innovative products, and digital evidence on cell phones.


CSI Effect Theory: New Website

The CSI Effect theory asserts that popular TV crime dramas that focus on forensic science, may affect the behavior and expectations of jurors in real-life cases. NIJ has launched an interactive website dedicated to exploring the CSI Effect theory and the myths and facts surrounding forensic evidence presentation in the courtroom.


Drug & Explosive Detection (PSPME-IMS) Workshop Registration Extended

Registration is now open for the Field Detection of Drug and Explosive Odor Signatures Using Planar Solid Phase Microextraction Ion Mobility Spectrometry (“PSPME-IMS”) Technology Transition Workshop. This free event will be held September 19-21, 2011. Register online by June 28.


Forensic science poster sessions at NIJ Conference

NFSTC is presenting four posters at the annual NIJ Conference in Arlington, VA this week. These presentations provide the latest findings and allow practitioners and researchers to share experiences and discuss the topic at hand.


Pattern Evidence examiners complete training; a recent trainee passes certification

Friday, June 10 was the last day of Footwear/Tire Track training for a remarkable group of students, and a recent student of the Latent Print Examiner training program at NFSTC received the news that she has passed the Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE) certification exam!