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Archive for Month: July 2013


The ROTC class of 2013 has arrived!

NFSTC’s ROTC Biometrics and Forensics Internship is now under way at the Largo training facility. A dozen cadets from around the country will receive basic forensic training and hands on practice applying crime scene investigation techniques.


Online Intermediate CSI course now available

Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation training goes beyond the basics to cover situations investigators don’t see every day. More than 300 professionals have taken this course, which includes eight modules on specialized evidence recovery, field testing, documentation, forensic light sources, evidence prioritization and more.


NFSTC provides specialized training for investigators inside Texas prisons

Crimes don’t just occur outside the walls of a prison; they take place in correctional facilities as well. To assist officers in investigating crimes behind bars, the Texas Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently provided specialized forensic training to 10 investigators from five regions across Texas.


NFSTC hosts STEM students for career exploration

What kind of evidence can be pulled from a cell phone? Can you really pull fingerprints off of paper? How can police officers tell if substances may be drugs or explosives before they send samples to the lab? Pinellas County STEM TEC students had the chance to learn the answers to these questions and explore forensic techniques at NFSTC on June 27th.