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Archive for Month: July 2014


New course! Online Digital Crime Scene Photography now open

Digital photo screen shotWhen it comes to documenting evidence, nothing beats good quality photographs. A decent camera goes a long way, but the skills and knowledge of the photographer are critical to getting scene and evidence photographs that will be useful to investigation.


ROTC cadets on site for biometric and forensic training

Twelve lucky ROTC cadets from around the U.S. have arrived at NFSTC to participate in the 6th annual Biometric and Forensic Internship training. The cadets will receive two-weeks of unique hands-on training similar to that provided to special operations and international forces.


STEM students explore forensic science at NFSTC

What’s more intriguing than the exciting world of crime scene investigation? With the popularity of CSI shows on television, forensic science is a great way to spur kids to get engaged in science.