About Us

The National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) is a program of Florida International University (FIU) located in Largo, Florida. Founded in 1995, NFSTC provides quality forensic services including training, assessment, research and technology assistance to the justice and forensic communities.

Our Vision

For the forensic science community and its users to have complete confidence in the quality of the science services provided to the justice community as it strives to ensure the public safety.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to supporting the justice community in ensuring the public safety by assisting the forensic sciences in the achievement of the highest level of quality services.

Corporate Values

  • We are dedicated to serving the needs of the justice community through the application of science.
  • We place high importance on the quality of service, efficiency of delivery, and effective work product, such that our work has a positive impact.
  • We are an organization of professionals; we treat each other and our stakeholders with respect and we all contribute to our success.
  • We recognize that we must be flexible in meeting the needs of our stakeholders, while retaining a clear sense of direction and purpose.

Download our capabilities brief:

  NFSTC Services & Capabilities