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2013 Annual Report

  • 2013 Annual Report 2013 Annual Report
  • New Services New Services NFSTC launched two online forensic science courses designed to appeal to professionals and CSI enthusiasts alike. The courses were priced to fit well into any agency or student budget, and nearly 200 people enrolled in the second half of 2013. NFSTC’s Studio 3 debuted expanded video and multimedia services that combine state-of-the-art facilities with top-notch production and editing skills in a framework that supports scientific, law enforcement and military clients.
  • Strategic Partnerships Strategic Partnerships Throughout 2013, NFSTC worked to build and strengthen relationships, growing our partnerships with the U.S. Special Operations Command and U.S. Marine Corps, and forging new relationships with the Netherlands Forensic Institute and the National Institute of Forensic Science in Australia.
  • New Markets New Markets In July, we delivered our first training to corrections officers from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as part of a Bureau of Justice Assistance grant program. NFSTC’s laboratory staff took our training on the road, providing support to clients from NATO in Belgium. At home, we assisted the Government of Thailand with technology evaluation for new forensic equipment.
  • Expanded Military Support Expanded Military Support NFSTC expanded specialized military forensic and biometric training to include the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy and U.S. Special Operations Forces. We provide continuing support through reachback and procurement of specialized equipment. With expanded services, NFSTC has personnel serving in positions outside the continental U.S., providing critical services to our clients and expanding NFSTC offerings in forensic and biometric support.
  • 2013 Performance Highlights 2013 Performance Highlights NFSTC met the mark in 2013 for delivering excellence. Despite multiple hurdles including a Federal government shutdown, budget crises, sequestration and uncertainty in the industry, the NFSTC team delivered on commitments with innovation and collaboration: trained more than 1,500 people worldwide; delivered 33 specialized forensic and biometrics courses valued at $12M; sourced and shipped specialized equipment and gear worth $8.5M; and performed evaluations on eight new forensic technologies.
  • Criminal Justice Criminal Justice NFSTC partnered with the Bureau of Justice Assistance to deliver immersive, hands-on training to law enforcement eight times at locations around the U.S. We produced numerous no-cost resources for law enforcement, officers of the court, forensic practitioners, and the public: Crime Scene Investigation Guide; Forensic Science Simplified; National Forensic Science Week; forensic technologies white paper for the National Governors Association.
  • Mission Support Mission Support NFSTC is a proud member of the National Defense Industrial Association and has founding members of the Greater Tampa Bay Chapter of Women in Defense on staff. We sponsored and hosted 12 Army ROTC cadets for the 5th annual Forensic and Biometric Internship. For the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, we showcased field technologies and training capabilities in a live site exploitation demonstration.
  • Public Awareness Public Awareness NFSTC launched a YouTube video news series - NFSTC Forensic Updates. In addition, our YouTube channel hosts a collection of forensic science videos including interviews with experts and forensic technique demonstrations. NFSTC has integrated multiple social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our YouTube channel to effectively share forensic science news, anywhere and on any device.
  • Gift of Science Gift of Science NFSTC participated in community events to promote science education including the St. Petersburg Science Festival. For the fourth year, we hosted students from the Pinellas County STEM TEC program to explore forensic science careers. Local business leaders, law enforcement and military from the Tampa Bay area attended our CSI Night 2013 event, exploring forensic technology advancement and networking to help grow the local technology industry.
  • Strength from Within Strength from Within Strength in body and mind creates a strong workforce. To promote health and wellness, as well as some friendly competition, NFSTC staff participate in a wellness program that allows them to take charge of their health, and receive discounts towards their premiums. The strength and creativity of our team was recognized by our awards in 2013: BizTech 2013 Innovation Award for Best Use of Social Media; Inhouse Design Award for Forensic Science Simplified; and IACP August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award for the After the Fact program.
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  • Operating Expenses Operating Expenses NFSTC is committed to prudent and appropriate fiscal management for all our projects and services. Visit our website for a copy of IRS Form 990, or contact us at info@nfstc.org for more information.
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  • Mission: We are dedicated to supporting the justice community in ensuring the public safety by assisting the forensic sciences in the achievement of the highest level of quality services. Vision: For the forensic science community and its users to have complete confidence in the quality of the science services provided to the justice community as it strives to ensure the public safety.