Biometric and Forensic Internship

Cadet Perez photographs developed fingerprintCompanies and individuals now have the opportunity to support and help top-notch ROTC cadets gain skills that will help the US Army continue to be the best in the world. Your support shows your commitment to educating future Army leaders through a unique internship experience they do not receive in college and or basic ROTC training.

Every summer since 2009, NFSTC has offered a rigorous, two-week, one-of-a-kind Biometrics and Forensic Internship for 12 ROTC Cadets from around the country. Accepted Cadets will learn cutting edge biometric and forensic identification and collection techniques, an area of growing importance to our nation’s security.

2016 ROTC Cadet ClassIn addition, the Cadets build skills such as leadership, decision-making, and prioritizing actions under pressure.



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