NFSTC’s highly skilled team includes management, scientific and biometric, instructional design, media, communications and corporate support professionals.

NFSTC@FIU Team Roster

Kevin Lothridge, Executive Director
Dave Sylvester, Deputy Executive Director

Science Services

Rob O’Brien, Forensic Biology Section Lead
Kirk Grates, Forensic Chemistry Section Lead
Lisbeth Colon, Forensic Biologist
Nicole McFarland, Laboratory Administrator/Sr. Forensic Technologist
Ines Iglesias-Lee, Forensic Biologist II
Jim Gibson, Senior Forensic Chemist
Tylor Barnhart, Forensic Biologist
Christine Goldman, Forensic Biometric/CSI Section Lead
Mike Kessler, Scientific Project Manager
Stefan Schmitt, Research Project Manager

Project Services

Veronica Bowles, Director of Services
Gerry LaPorte, Director of Research Innovation
Dan Passman
, Project Leader/Sr. Technical Instructor – I2
Ricky Ruckman, Technical Instructor – Exploitation
Christopher Esposito, DOMEX Training Manager
Michelle Lux, Trainer II
Matt Ruddell, MedEx Trainer III

Instructional Design

Lori Sullivan, Senior Instructional Design Strategist


Becky Carter, Art Director
Bill Duffin, Lead Media Producer
Michelle Chernicoff, Sr. Communication Specialist


Liz Yourkievitz, Director of Operations
Tracy Goetz, Director of Administration
Gregory Hughley, Facility Security Officer
Kim Rickenbrode, Sr. Coordinator Administrative Services
Danny Nichols, IT Administrator
Billy Young, Facilities Administrator
Linda Margaritondo, Executive Assistant
Sophia Dargoltz, Administrative Associate
Daniella Corvino, Office Specialist


Jo Uber, Logistics Administrator
Andre Gaston, Government Property Specialist
Andrew Kullman, Government Property Specialist
Mike Courcelle, Government Property Specialist

Financial Services

Alice Ricketts, Senior Staff Accountant
Erica Gregoire, Procurement Specialist

Joint Exploitation Training Center (JETC)

Jimmy Adams, JETC Site lead
Bobbi Rodger, OAC/Tactical collection Biometrics
Brad Cowan, OAC / SGL
Carlton Bergeron, OAC/ Tactical collection Biometrics
Javis Olson, Media instructor
Jeff Isgrigg, Media Instructor
John Bracker, OAC / SGL
Jose Garcia, CELLEX instructor
Joshua Burg, HME instructor
Kenneth Lee, OAC/Tactical collection Biometrics
Matthew Grey, Tactical Questioning instructor
Micheal Martin, OAC / SGL

Field Service Representatives

Luther Lancaster, USSOCOM Task Lead
Jamie Sculerati, Research Project Manager
Andrew Vose, 10th SFG
Steve McDowell, MARSOC
Brian Oliver, USSOCOM
Jonathan Lowe, DOMEX
Eric Holmstrom, 1st SFC 1st SFG
Thomas (Trey) Coke, Sr., USASOC
Mike Vela, 1st SFC 3rd SFG
Steve (Sam) Samartino, 1st SFC 7th SFG
Jacob Stay, 19th SFG
Trevor Atkins, 20th SFG
Steve Anderson, NSWG-2
Carlos Santana, MARSOC
Ivan Ramirez, NSWG-1
Dan Cunningham, CONUS
Robinson (Joel) Ortiz, CONUS
Sterling Seizert, Sr. FSR, USASOC