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AFTE written certification test moves online

Assoc. of Firearm and Tool Mark ExaminersNFSTC is pleased to announce that the written portion of the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE) certification exam has been launched as an online exam. This is welcome news for examiners who previously had only one opportunity per year to take the exam – in person at the AFTE Annual Training Seminar.

NFSTC worked with AFTE to convert their existing written exam to an online assessment using NFSTC’s interactive online learning system.

Firearms examination graphicThis new format will allow candidates to complete both the written and practical portions of the exam at or near their workplace, without the extra time and expense for traveling. This is especially beneficial to agencies in our challenging economic climate. The fee for the online exam will remain just $50.

Qualified applicants can choose to pursue certification in any or all of three subject areas:
1. Firearm Evidence Examination and Identification
2. Toolmark Evidence Examination and Identification
3. Gunshot Residue Evidence Examination and Identification

AFTE will offer several opportunities each year when the test can be taken. For the remainder of 2012, candidates have two periods to choose from to complete the exam: August 20-31, and October 22-November 2.

To ensure the integrity of the exam, the online written exam must be proctored by a certified member of a forensic professional organization (or meets other requirements listed here) that has an enforced ethics code.

For details regarding candidate qualifications or to fill out an online application form for the exam, visit: