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NFSTC Provides Key Training to Military

MilitaryForensicsNFSTC recently completed a two-week, hands-on Site Exploitation course for military service members. Participants in the course gained critical skills to identify, prioritize and collect evidence, and perform presumptive testing on powders, explosive materials and controlled substances.

“By using forensic techniques to analyze the evidence found at a site, warfighters can get a much better understanding of the types of activities that suspects are engaged in and help determine whether or not they are a threat,” said CEO Kevin Lothridge.

 With this key training, the newly-trained military service members have the forensic skills they need to identify terrorist activities and make the best decisions possible on the battlefield.

NFSTC Offering Two Free Forensic Biological Screening Workshops for Crime Scene Investigators in Training


This event is for crime scene investigators in training, or with less than one year of experience. Candidates with more experience may be selected on a case‐by‐case basis and as space allows. This National Institute of Justice workshop will be held at the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) in Largo, FL (Tampa Bay area) November 16-20, 2009 and January 11-15 , 2010 with more dates to come.

Biological Screening Workshop attendees will learn:

  • Screening techniques for blood and semen
  • Use of alternative light source for locating biological stains
  • E vidence collection, documentation , and case processing skills

The workshop curriculum includes a written and a practical assessment, see the attached draft agenda. Travel arrangements and hotel accommodations are included and participants will be reimbursed at the standard government
per diem for the duration of the workshop. To register, use the links below:





Forensic Biological Screening Workshop link:


registration code: BIO1109

Sept 22, 2009
November  16-20, 2009      5 Largo, Florida
Forensic Biological Screening Workshop link:


registration code: BIO1110

October 5, 2009
January   11-15,  2010      5 Largo, Florida