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NFSTC hosts medical examiners for Medicolegal Death Investigation Training Program

NFSTC hosted 25 forensic pathology fellows from around the country last week to learn to apply forensic science techniques to their everyday work. This hands-on class is part of a larger program to reach 100 medical examiners, coroners and medicolegal death investigators.


NFSTC tests mini-vacuum for collection of DNA

The most common method of collecting DNA is swabbing. It’s effective, affordable, and has been used for decades. But is there a better method than the tried-and-true swab technique to collect biological evidence? To determine if the BioTx Innovac® II, a small, lightweight vacuum device, was more efficient at collecting DNA from a variety of surfaces, NFSTC conducted a thorough evaluation. Visit the Technology Evaluation page to download the complete report.


Evaluation sheds light on laser vs. LED tools

TECH-EVAL To help laboratories assess the strengths and limitations of LED and laser light sources for evidence identification, NFSTC conducted an evaluation comparing the performance of the Coherent® Semiconductor Laser to the Rofin Forensic Polilight® Flare Plus.


Evaluation team tests new Promega STR amplification kit

TECH-EVAL NFSTC recently completed its technical evaluation of Promega’s PowerPlex® 16 HS STR amplification kit. This evaluation utilized the same sample set and performance standards as NFSTC’s previously published study of eight commercially available STR amplification kits.


NFSTC puts PHAZIR™ through its paces

TECH-EVAL Near-infrared spectroscopy is currently utilized in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical manufacturing, agriculture, environmental monitoring and petrochemical production. But is it the right technology for rapidly identifying materials such as controlled substances and explosives? NFSTC recently evaluated the Polychromix PHAZIR™ analyzer to find out.