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NFSTC wants to hear from you!

NFSTC invites forensic service professionals and our stakeholders to participate in a brief, confidential survey about their needs and their understanding of NFSTC services. This feedback will help NFSTC to provide additional projects, trainings and services and can broaden the range of forensic services available to the community.


Changes in the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE)

As you may have heard, the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) will be handing over the operation of the FTCoE system to Research Triangle Institute (RTI) at the end of this calendar year. It has been a long journey since NFSTC developed and launched the Center in 2007. During […]


Free Drug and Explosive Detection Workshop Available Online

Presentations and videos from September’s technology transition workshop, Field Detection of Drugs and Explosive Odor Signatures Using Planar Solid Phase Microextraction Ion Mobility Spectrometry (PSPME-IMS), are now available online free from NFSTC. This training provides law enforcement with a novel approach for detecting and sampling illicit drugs and explosives.


Free forensic DNA resources for law enforcement leaders now online

NIJ has launched a new online training tool, Forensic DNA Education for Law Enforcement Decision Makers, as an educational resource on policy and practice issues regarding the use of DNA analysis to investigate crimes. Targeted to senior-level law enforcement decision-makers, the site provides information and education on policy and practice issues associated with the effective use of DNA analysis.


CSI Effect Theory: New Website

The CSI Effect theory asserts that popular TV crime dramas that focus on forensic science, may affect the behavior and expectations of jurors in real-life cases. NIJ has launched an interactive website dedicated to exploring the CSI Effect theory and the myths and facts surrounding forensic evidence presentation in the courtroom.