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NFSTC lab evaluates DeltaNu® ReporteR™ portable Raman spectrometer

NFSTC conducted an evaluation of the performance of the DeltaNu® ReporteR™ Portable Raman Spectrometer. See how it did!


ICx Fido® Verdict™ device evaluated by NFSTC lab

NFSTC evaluated the performance of the ICx Fido® Verdict™ Portable Explosives and Narcotics Identifier. How did it do?


NFSTC releases evaluation of the Applied Biosystems AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Plus STR amplification kit

NFSTC has evaluated the Applied Biosystems AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Plus amplification kit as an addition to a previous study of eight kits manufactured by Applied Biosystems and Promega Corporation.


NFSTC unveils evaluation of field-portable Raman spectrometer

To help laboratories assess the strengths and limitations of Raman technology for evidence identification, NFSTC conducted an evaluation of the performance of the Smiths Detection RespondeR™ RCI Raman Spectrometer.


NFSTC tests mini-vacuum for collection of DNA

The most common method of collecting DNA is swabbing. It’s effective, affordable, and has been used for decades. But is there a better method than the tried-and-true swab technique to collect biological evidence? To determine if the BioTx Innovac® II, a small, lightweight vacuum device, was more efficient at collecting DNA from a variety of surfaces, NFSTC conducted a thorough evaluation. Visit the Technology Evaluation page to download the complete report.