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NFSTC lab evaluates DeltaNu® ReporteR™ portable Raman spectrometer

NFSTC conducted an evaluation of the performance of the DeltaNu® ReporteR™ Portable Raman Spectrometer in order to provide laboratories with information to assess the strengths and limitations of this Raman technology for evidence identification. Visit the Chemistry Technology Evaluations page to download the complete report.

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NFSTC releases evaluation of the Applied Biosystems AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Plus STR amplification kit

To assist forensic laboratories in understanding the general performance of commercially available STR amplification kits, NFSTC has evaluated the Applied Biosystems AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Plus amplification kit as an addition to a previous study of eight kits manufactured by Applied BiosystemsTM and Promega Corporation. The kits were assessed for: sensitivity, peak height ratios at heterozygous loci, baseline noise, stutter ratio and amplification artifacts. These criteria were evaluated by analysis of single-source human DNA samples and a mixture series.

The current study was performed using the same sample set and performance standards as the previous amplification kit study.

Visit the Technology Evaluations page to download the complete report.

NFSTC tests mini-vacuum for collection of DNA

The most common method of collecting DNA is swabbing. It’s effective, affordable and has been used for decades. But is there a better method than the tried-and-true swab technique to collect biological evidence? To determine if the BioTx Innovac® II, a small, lightweight vacuum device, was more efficient at collecting DNA from a variety of surfaces, NFSTC conducted a thorough evaluation. Visit the Technology Evaluation page to download the complete report.