Digital Forensics

Today’s investigations include digital evidence from a wide variety of devices. Keeping up with mobile and storage technology is a constant challenge and training is the key. NFSTC@FIU has in-house expertise in a wide variety of software tools and techniques, including:

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Custom training programs are available to get your team up to speed. Contact sales-nfstc@fiu.edu to get started.

NFSTC also develops online courses for FIU.

EEL 4802 Introduction to Digital Forensic Engineering*:  This course presents a introduction to digital forensics, methodologies, key technical concepts, and tools to perform examinations and media exploitation. It is designed with a strong emphasis on real world applications of digital forensics. (Prerequisite: EEL 4806 or permission of the instructor.)

“…thanks for giving me the chance to dive into a course that was both foreign and rewarding to work through… I can’t thank you enough, regardless of the grade I earned in the end. This was one of my favorite courses throughout my time at FIU.”
 A. Rodriguez, Spring 2019

*Must be enrolled as a student in FIU.

Introduction to Digital Forensics is now available as a one-week online course for professionals with no university registration required! Learn more here: