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DNA Quantitation Comparison Study now available

The much talked-about Quantitation of DNA findings presented recently at the 63rd annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences symposium in Chicago have been compiled into a technology evaluation report that is now available on NFSTC.org.

It is imperative for laboratories to accurately quantify the amount of DNA in low copy number (LCN) samples in order to choose the best analysis method and thus avoid wasting valuable time and resources. There are also restrictions for entering LCN analysis results into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). This evaluation report describes how quantity of DNA can be over- or under-estimated and evaluates three popular quantitation standards by assessing the R2 value, slope, Y-intercept and resulting quantities of a serial dilution of blood samples.

To download the report, scientific poster or handout, visit the Technology Evaluation, Biology & DNA page.