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Expanded CSI guide now available – free

Crime Scene Investigation, a Guide for Law Enforcement, is now available for download from NFSTC.

The new crime scene investigation guide covers key CSI practices in detail. Developed by noted experts, this 180-page, vastly expanded edition provides step-by-step recommendations to lead law enforcement through this crucial, first phase of the justice process.

“This guide now gives first responders, crime scene technicians and even military service members guidance to appropriately handle everything from initial response to collecting, documenting and packaging evidence,” said Kevin Lothridge, NFSTC CEO. “Without this necessary awareness, evidence could be over looked that might prove crucial to an investigation.”

Thoroughly reviewed by more than a dozen subject matter experts, Crime Scene Investigation, A Guide for Law Enforcement was funded by a cooperative agreement from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), and is the result of a partnership of the National Institute of Justice, National Institute of Standards and Technology, BJA and NFSTC.

Download the guide now as a pdf or for your favorite e-reader.