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Deployable Forensic Laboratory

Rapid Response to Urgent International and Domestic Needs

Modular, customizable, deployable forensic lab with reachback and mission support capabilities
The deployable forensic laboratory at Cedar Rapids PD. The laboratory helped restore forensic services after the devastating flood of 2008.

Deployable forensic laboratories are an innovative, efficient and fully-customizable way to provide forensic capability expansion in emergency or combat situations, or temporary replacement of forensic analysis capabilities after a natural disaster or other crisis.

Developed in partnership with the Department of Defense and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the NFSTC laboratories can make a critical difference to local or national forces when needed. Each module measures 8’ x 20’ x 8.5’ and is seated on a standard transport trailer for ease of movement. Once folded out, each shelter provides a maximum of 400 square feet of usable laboratory space.

Contact us to learn how these flexible shelters can benefit your program, sales@nfstc.org.

Deployable, Mobile and Modular

Each section is self-supporting and can be used separately for smaller needs. Full setup of the laboratory can be accomplished in less than one hour.

Inside a modular, customizable, deployable forensic lab with reachback and mission support capabilities
Inside a deployable forensic laboratory

Each lab features:

  • Reachback capability
  • Full data sharing
  • Dust- and light-proof
  • Generator or shore power
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • Access-controlled entryway
  • Min. of 33 hours on a single tank of diesel fuel

Forensic Capabilities: When and Where You Need Them

The deployable forensic laboratories have been used to provide rapid response to an urgent need by agencies such as the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Police Department and the Michigan State Police.  The units have been deployed to provide at-the-ready setup to replace facilities lost due to floods or during facilities renovation.

We are extremely grateful for what NFSTC has done for our ID Bureau. With NFSTC’s deployable lab we were able to continue processing evidence after our crime lab was devastated by flood waters.”

~Sgt. Joe Clark
Cedar Rapids (IA) Police Department

They can also be used to expand the capabilities of the warfighter in gathering forensic intelligence, to respond to a natural disaster or an accidental incident, and as a force multiplier to support existing forensic operations or supplement a functional laboratory in an effort to reduce case backlog.

Download our Capabilities Brief for information on NFSTC’s complete line of services:

  NFSTC Services & Capabilities