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Looking for quality, free forensic science resources?

Forensic Chemistry-sample vialsNFSTC has you covered. From chemistry to crime scenes, if you have questions about forensic science, chances are, we have the answers.

Some of our most popular resources include:

  • NFSTC Forensic Update — delivers news, information and subject matter expert interviews on hot topics in forensic science via our YouTube channel. We’ve assembled a handy playlist so you don’t miss an episode.
  • Forensic Science Simplified — a layman’s guide to forensic science that explores topics such as toxicology, fingerprint science, bloodstain pattern analysis, explosives and more.
  • Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement —Thorough CSI guide goes step-by-step through processing a crime scene. Available in PDF and e-books.
  • Forensic DNA Education for Law Enforcement Decision Makers — online training for law enforcement regarding the use of DNA analysis to investigate crimes. This program features interactive multimedia and interviews with subject matter experts.
  • The CSI Effect Theory —Experts from the justice community discuss the effects of popular television crime dramas on today’s juries, and strategies to keep science fiction out of the courtroom.
  • Blood Spatter Animation Videos; or, download the Flash-based animation — simple animation demonstrates the physics behind blood spatter analysis including flight dynamics, and the phases and angle of impact.

Want more? Browse our full archive of resources online at projects.nfstc.org.

Don’t forget our online Introduction to CSI and Intermediate CSI courses. Not free, but at $129 each, these courses are a steal. For information or to register, visit our Forensic Science Training page.