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New course! Online Digital Crime Scene Photography now open

Digital photo screen shotWhen it comes to documenting evidence, nothing beats good quality photographs. A decent camera is important, but the skills and knowledge of the photographer are critical to getting scene and evidence photographs that will be useful to investigation.

NFSTC’s newly expanded Digital Crime Scene Photography course is available online to help you get the critical knowledge and skills you need to capture fair and accurate photographic documentation of any scene. This 6-hour course covers everything from digital camera basics and lighting strategies to methods used to capture images of impression evidence and bloodstains.

Special Features:

  • Ask an Expert (get your questions answered by a certified evidence photographer)
  • Camera Simulation
  • Printable job aids
  • Pre- and post-tests to measure your progress

Learn to ‘paint with light’ and capture a drop of water in motion through interactive challenges and exercises. There’s even a camera simulator to help you practice adjusting camera settings to obtain examination-quality photographs. In addition, learn how a crime scene photographer should prepare for courtroom testimony.

This is a self-paced course is only $79, and students will have access for 60 days after purchase. A certificate of completion will be issued to students successfully completing the course (Score of 75% or greater).

Learn more about NFSTC newest online course here.