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NFSTC mobile forensic lab gets innovative LumaStream LED lighting

LumaStream installs low profile LED lights in a mobile forensic lab The National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) and LumaStream have teamed up to bring innovative and durable LED lighting to a mobile forensic laboratory.

Deployable forensic laboratories, created from standard ISO shipping containers, are an efficient and fully-customizable way to provide forensic capability expansion in combat situations and or forensic capabilities after a natural disaster or other crisis. They can be used as temporary DNA labs, fingerprint stations, chemistry analysis centers or other discipline.   NFSTC created the design in 2007 and is constantly updating the design to improve performance and durability.

“Proper lighting is critical in forensic analysis work. Working with LumaStream will bring the next big leap of improvement to our mobile labs,” says Kevin Lothridge, CEO of NFSTC. “We always look to partner with local companies first, and having LumaStream design and build these lights right in our backyard is a great opportunity.”

LumaStream replaced aging and bulky fluorescent lights with low profile LEDs that will provide adjustable light, previously unavailable in the mobile labs. Because the new lighting technology uses remote power conversion, the lights are far less likely to fail than other systems.

“We’re excited to work with NFSTC to help them create the next generation of deployable forensic laboratories,” says Eric Higgs, president and CEO of LumaStream. “Our lighting technology is incredibly durable and long-lasting. If this lab is in a remote location, a lighting failure is not an option.”

The newly-lit laboratory will be used for training and demonstration of new technologies.


About LumaStream

LumaStream makes award winning low-voltage LED lighting solutions that are the most efficient and controllable in the lighting industry. LumaStream’s patented innovations are based on remote digital power conversation, paired with a wide range of luminaires, and seamless control integration. This system approach eliminates fixture failures and the associated maintenance, and provides high quality light for the full rated life of LEDs. Target markets include commercial, institutional, retail, and hospitality markets. A fast-growing, creative company, LumaStream is developing high quality innovative systems with unprecedented results for energy savings, long-distance low-voltage power distribution, and smooth, continual dimming control to less than 1%. LumaStream solutions are industry-leading and the results stunning. LumaStream strives for a sustainable, triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit, and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL.