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NFSTC named as part of preeminent center at FIU

Andres Gil, Kevin Lothridge, Dr. Ken Furton at the FIU Preeminent Center Reception held June 20, 2018.

NFSTC joins three Florida International University programs to establish the University’s newest preeminent center, the Global Forensic and Justice Center, providing a focus on university-wide forensic science and justice initiatives. In addition to the training and service through NFSTC, the Center combines the International Forensic Research Institute’s (IFRI) strong research and educational programs, provides a closer collaboration with justice studies and service programs through the Center of Administration of Justice (CAJ), and increased industry university collaborations through the NSF-funded Center of Advanced Research in Forensic Sciences (CARFS).

FIU’s BeyondPossible2020 strategic goals include more interdisciplinary and preeminent programs, which will be supported by:

  • Expanding experiential learning opportunities for
    students, post docs, faculty and forensic science
  • Contributing to FIU’s research expenditures
    from $130 million to $200 million annually
  • Nurturing an expansion of patents and startups
    from two per year to 20 over the next 5 years

A preeminent program at FIU is a collaborative endeavor that demonstrates extraordinary success in providing unique learning opportunities, pioneering research and engagement. Designation as a preeminent program is recognition for outstanding contributions to advancing our FIU’s  strategic plan and enhancing the University’s reputation at the national and international level.

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