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NFSTC partners with J3Seven to provide exploitation training in Australia

Site Exploitation TrainingNFSTC and J3Seven (Australia) have teamed up to provide Australian forces with tactical site exploitation training that enhances field skills. Military operators, first responders and intelligence organizations in Australia will have a one-stop shop for the tools and skills required to conduct successful operations.

Site Exploitation (SE) training is an intensive techniques course to prepare operators for intelligence gathering opportunities at sensitive or tactical sites. Students are trained to use selected technologies and return to the field with proficiency and hands-on experience. In addition to techniques, trainees gain skill and experience implementing best practices for identifying, handling and collecting evidence. They learn to recognize the intelligence value of evidence and to perform basic forensic analysis.

A wide range of topics can be included in SE training, such as digital photography, site documentation and inventory, material collection techniques, pattern evidence, post blast investigation, biometrics collection, cell phone and computer exploitation (DOMEX and CELLEX), latent print collection and more.

J3Seven is the only company in Australia dedicated to providing Australian government organizations with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) equipment to combat the threat of these hazards. Both companies have experience in Special Operations both domestically and internationally. J3Seven’s mission in Australia is to seek the best equipment to add range and improve capabilities. They provide push-button product training, live agent field training, and an Australian equipment service center to ensure the equipment is available when it is needed.

J3Seven and NFSTC are proud to offer courses in tactical and sensitive site exploitation, CBRN forensics and sampling. For information in Australia, please contact J3Seven (+61 7 4038 2210). For US inquiries, contact sales@nfstc.org.