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NFSTC to provide support for local college

NFSTC will be providing hands-on laboratory activities for Criminal Justice students at Clearwater Christian College (CCC) for the 2014 Spring semester. CCC students will visit NFSTC laboratories and work with scientists for practical enhancements to their lecture classes in topics including:

  • Crime Scene Investigation, Photography, Evidence Collection
  • Autopsy and Wound Investigation, Odontology
  • Latent Fingerprints, Footwear and Tire Track Impressions, Toolmarks
  • Biological Evidence, Drug Chemistry, Toxicology
  • Digital Forensics

NFSTC has a long history of partnering with academic institutions to help build or enhance college curricula via online courses, subject matter expertise, practical lessons and skill assessments. We are looking forward to working with the students and contributing to their success.