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NFSTC welcomes Latent Print trainees

The third offering of the highly successful Latent Print Examiner Training program has begun at NFSTC in Largo, Florida. Over the next two weeks, instructors from Ron Smith and Associates will be conducting the first three courses of this comprehensive training program for 15 participants at NFSTC’s state-of-the-art training facilities. The group of new latent print examiners from around the country will gain knowledge and skills in friction ridge and palm print examination as well as latent print development techniques.

In total, this program will deliver 11 courses covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to Friction Ridge Examination
  • Palm Print Examination Techniques
  • Latent Print Development Techniques I
  • Ridgeology Concepts for Friction Ridge Examination
  • Fundamentals of Latent Print Examination
  • Automation, AFIS and Collection of Known Exemplars
  • Current Issues in the Science of Friction Ridge Individualization
  • Latent Print Development Techniques II
  • Digital Imaging Concepts for Latent Print Examiners
  • Complex Examination and IAI Certification Test Preparation
  • Fingerprint Expert Witness Testimony – Moot Courts