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NFSTC’s live exploitation demo at SOFIC

NFSTC provided an expeditionary site exploitation demonstration at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, FL on May 15. The SOFIC conference offers opportunities for defense providers and special operations program managers to gather and share ideas.

The demonstration scenario was one faced by soldiers far too often, and increasingly by domestic law enforcement as well: a car bomb. In the scenario, operatives had retrieved a detonation device and unknown powders from a car. As the NFSTC team demonstrated how field intelligence information can be gathered by a well trained team in very little time using portable technologies.

First, the detonation device, a cell phone, was photographed and swabbed for DNA. This would normally be done after the phone is stripped of digital evidence.

Latent prints were discovered on the phone and the car door and developed using spray fingerprint power. The advantages of the powder are that far less powder needs to be used, even in windy conditions, resulting in a cleaner work area and better print visibility.

Next, the prints were lifted using tape and photographed for enrollment in biometric databases.

Once the biometric information was removed, the next team member used an Elite 100 chemical detection device (Field Forensics) to swab the phone for explosive residue, which was positively identified as TNT. In addition, the unknown powder was identified as ammonium nitrate by using the TruDefender spectrometer (Thermo Scientific).

In less than 15 minutes, our well-trained team triaged evidence, gathered biometric and chemical evidence and prepared a preliminary report for the next investigation steps.

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