NFSTC’s myth busting web series wins Communicator Award

online_video_silver_22Have you seen Fauxrensics yet? Our original web video series has been recognized with a Communicator Silver Award of Distinction by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. A win in this annual international competition is coveted by communications professionals the world over.

The Fauxrensics video series is designed to ask the question, “Real or Faux?” about forensic science and investigative techniques regularly shown in popular television crime dramas. They are commonly misrepresented and these short, fun videos help educate viewers on how the science works in the real world. The name was inspired by Tampa Bay Rays fans and their popular ‘fauxhawk’ hair style.

“Forensic science on TV is tricky. It’s grounded in science, which makes inaccurate portrayals very convincing to the average viewer. I thought this approach would be a fun way to reach and teach our non-scientist viewers,” says Bill Duffin, NFSTC senior media producer and creator of the concept. “Our core audience faces these misconceptions every day. But for many people, when it comes to forensic science, convincing TV isn’t always correct science.”

Watch the first five episodes on YouTube and look for four more in June, on ‘Fauxrensic Fridays,’ of course.

“People would never think to look to a forensic services company for video and media production, but it has become an integral offering for NFSTC and we do work for ourselves and many different clients,” says Kevin Lothridge, NFSTC CEO. “We are proud of our communications team and their consistently creative and effective materials.”

NFSTC also produces the monthly Forensic Update news video, Forensic Science Simplified (www.forensicsciencesimplified.org) and participates in National Forensic Science Week in August to provide online information and resources to educate the general public.

Your turn!
Have topics you’d like us to feature on Fauxrensics or the Forensic Update? Reach out to us at info@nfstc.org.

About The Communicator Awards:

CA_logo_color_transpThe Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program honoring creative excellence for communication professionals, sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. This year’s Communicator Awards received more than 6,000 entries from companies and agencies of all sizes, making it one of the largest awards of its kind in the world. Visit www.communicatorawards.com for to view the full winners list.