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Pattern Evidence examiners complete training; a recent trainee passes certification

NFSTC bids aloha to trainees

Footwear - Tire Track Class T-shirt
T-shirt created by the class to commemorate their success

Friday, June 10 was the last day of Footwear/Tire Track training for a remarkable group of students from across the country – one all the way from Hawaii. The 15 Footwear/Tire Track Examiners completed a journey that began in October 2010 as they wrapped up the intensive 5-course program at NFSTC’s facilities in Largo, Florida. The NIJ-sponsored training provided these new examiners with the entire gamut of knowledge and skills, including photography, light sources, photographic software techniques, use of electrostatic powders, print lifting techniques and training on a host of high-tech devices to help them continue to progress in their chosen career. Perhaps most importantly, the final week of training armed students with the crucial ability to confidently explain their expert findings in court when called upon to testify.

According to Instructor Dwane Hilderbrand of partner Ron Smith and Associates, now that the trainees have completed the training, most will return immediately to their jobs, while a few are required by their agency to take proficiency tests before being allowed to resume their positions. NFSTC wishes all the students the best of luck as they fulfill their role in serving justice.


Trainee passes the CLPE certification exam

A recent student of the NIJ-sponsored Latent Print Examiner training program at NFSTC received great news this week.  Jessica Heising, Lead Crime Scene Technician and Latent Print Examiner for the Davenport (Iowa) Police Department, has passed the International Association for Identification (IAI) Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE) certification exam!

“I was so excited to hear that I had passed the CLPE test!” says Jessica.  “It is important for me to mention how pivotal the NIJ/NFSTC Latent Print Examiner program was in my success. Without this program, it would have been at least an additional year or two from now before I would have felt comfortable applying to take the test. The program provided me with a structured knowledge base for latent prints, and because of that I am better able to serve my agency and community.”

Congratulations to a brilliant Examiner with a bright future in law enforcement!