NFSTC has a proven record of helping agencies improve performance, enhance services and achieve quality goals. Government and State agencies can conveniently contract with NFSTC via several contract vehicles or through direct contracting.


External DNA Laboratory Audits

Forensic Science Training 

Instructional Design and Delivery

Market Research

Video Production

Procurement and Custom Kits

Test and Evaluation

NFSTC has provided forensic science expertise for equipment procurement and fulfillment, reachback support and specialized training for military customers. Notably, NFSTC developed a comprehensive training program of Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE), equipping the warfighter with the skills and knowledge to properly triage sites and to identify, collect, preserve and store items of forensic intelligence value. The training supports both mature and emerging technologies for Cell Phone Exploitation (CELLEX), Document Media Exploitation (DOMEX) and Magnetic Media Exploitation (MEDEX).

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