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Exploitation Analysis Center (EAC) Training

You provide the facilities, we provide the training

IMG_9833You provide the facilities, and we’ll provide top instructors, a support team, and the forensic equipment and supplies to ensure an in-depth, immersive training experience. Our mobile training team (MTT) blends classroom instruction, small group discussion and demonstrations with hands-on practical exercises so participants quickly gain exploitation analysis skills.

Essential EAC training content

  • Cellphone Exploitation (CELLEX)
  • Media Exploitation (MEDEX)
  • Biometric Collection
  • Trace Chemistry
  • Home-made Explosive Awareness
  • IED Reconstruction
  • Biological Evidence Collection
  • Photography
  • Live Scan Biometrics
  • Latent Print Development

NFSTC has provided instruction programs at the NFSTC facility and off-site locations using mobile training teams to numerous groups including:

  • U.S. Marines
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Special Operations Command
  • Australian Special Operations Forces
  • Texas Office of Inspector General
  • Denver, CO PD
  • Washington, DC PD
  • Nashville, TN PD

Hands-on and Scenario Training

Upon completion of the training modules, participants are challenged to put their knowledge into practice by completing realistic hands-on exercises that combine techniques acquired throughout the program.

For more information on Exploitation Analysis Center training, or other defense forensic services such as technology integration and customized forensic kits, contact us at sales@nfstc.org.


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