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NFSTC’s online courses can be used in combination with your in-house training program, or use our instructors to bring high-quality training to your whole team.

Our Flagship Courses

“Please know that these trainings are essential to all law enforcement. I am a Boston Police Officer in the Crime Scene Unit and I was able to apply what I learned at NFSTC down on Boylston Street during the Marathon bombing which occurred on April 15, 2013.”

Police Officer Michael Connolly
Boston Police Department Crime Scene Response Unit

DNA Analyst Training program

two trainees use a blue alternate light source in a biological screening exercise

Don’t need all the modules? Choose only what you need to prepare laboratory staff.

Biological Screening $450

DNA Analysis $450

Data Interpretation & Statistics $450

Group rates available, contact nfstc-elearning@fiu.edu
Please note: a Certificate of Completion for any of our DNA Analyst online courses will be issued to only those students who participate within the oversight of a Laboratory Supervisor or Technical Leader. Independent, self-directed coursework cannot be graded.

In Partnership With FIU

Introduction to Digital Forensics is available as a one-week online course for professionals with no university registration required! Learn more here:

  NFSTC Professional Digital Forensics.pdf

For currently-enrolled FIU students

EEL 4802 Introduction to Digital Forensic Engineering This course presents a introduction to digital forensics, methodologies, key technical concepts, and tools to perform examinations and media exploitation. It is designed with a strong emphasis on real-world applications of digital forensics. To participate in this course, you must be enrolled as a student in FIU. Prerequisite: EEL 4806 or permission of the instructor.

“…thanks for giving me the chance to dive into a course that was both foreign and rewarding to work through… I can’t thank you enough, regardless of the grade I earned in the end. This was one of my favorite courses throughout my time at FIU.”

A. Rodriguez, Spring 2019