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Site Exploitation Training

Exploitation  training is an intensive course to prepare for intelligence gathering opportunities at sensitive or tactical sites. Students are trained to use exploitation kits and return to the field with proficiency and hands-on experience. Trainees gain skill and experience implementing best practices for identifying, handling and collecting items of evidentiary value. They learn to recognize the intelligence value of evidence and perform basic forensic analysis.

The program enables participants to get up to speed with new and established forensic technologies and how to apply them in any setting or circumstance. A wide range of topics can be included, such as:

  • Digital Photography
  • Site Documentation and Inventory
  • Material Collection Techniques
  • Pattern Evidence
  • Post Blast Investigation
  • Biometrics collection
  • Drugs, Explosives and Trace Material Testing
  • Biometric-enabled Intelligence
  • Latent Print collection and processing
  • Operation of field and/or forensic laboratory equipment
  • Communicating relevant data to reachback facilities and resources

Hands-on and Scenario Training

NFSTC facilities include customizable scenarios designed to immerse the trainee in realistic circumstances to maximize applied learning. Field equipment and integration, procurement and full training laboratories are also available.

This training is customizable and can be delivered on your team’s schedule and via Mobile Training Teams to the location of your choice. For more information on site exploitation training and customization, contact us at sales@nfstc.org.



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