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Instructional Design

NFSTC’s expert instructional designers (ID) employ creative, innovative techniques to deliver impactful, relevant training solutions.


  • Content development for law enforcement, crime laboratories, military and other agencies
  • Assessment of current and future training needs
  • Instructor-led, online or blended content delivery
  • Immersive training environments
  • Conversion from paper-based or instructor-led to web-based
  • Development of job aids and guides
  • Follow-on or refresher courses and workshops
  • Training assistance with new technologies and instrumentation
  • Live streaming of training events


  • Full chemistry and biology/DNA training laboratories
  • Customizable, real-world scenarios
  • Mobile firing range for live-fire testing of weapons and projectile pattern analysis

Past Performance Highlights

Our team has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies, the Department of Justice, Department of State, and the Department of Defense to design and implement innovative training solutions, including

  • Forensic Science Training

For assistance with your next training project, contact us at nfstc-sales@fiu.edu or (727) 395-2511.

Government and State agencies can conveniently contract for goods and services from NFSTC using GSA.