Laboratory support

NFSTC offers a wide variety of support for publicly funded and private crime laboratories, practitioners, lab directors and managers, including grant support, needs assessments and technology assistance.

DNA Technical Reviews, featuring:

  • Established processes to keep casework and database sample reviews in compliance with the FBI Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) and prevent conflicts of interest
  • Flexible scheduling for on-site casework and/or database sample reviews
  • Our analysts are available for competency testing and will work in compliance with all laboratory requirements and protocols.  In addition, compliance paperwork will be provided to the laboratory to demonstrate compliance with the FBI QAS.

External DNA audits featuring:

  • A nationwide team that has performed more than 700 DNA audits. We have the experience to schedule, coordinate and execute your audit and complete your paperwork properly and efficiently.
  • High-quality audits. NFSTC audits historically have a very low rate of NDIS-overturned findings.
  • Carefully selected auditors for your location and instrumentation, in compliance with NIJ criteria.

Forensic Services Review Toolkit

To ensure laboratories have the tools to conduct a review of the forensic services they provide, NFSTC and the National Institute of Justice developed a comprehensive forensic services review process. This toolkit of forms, surveys and documents allows agencies to conduct a detailed assessment of their operations and provides a method to evaluate performance and facilitate service improvements. Download the toolkit in Zip format below.

Please note: This download is a WinZip™ file, approximately 1MB in size. After downloading the Zip file, make sure to first extract all files to your computer before using them. Opening the document files requires Adobe® Reader® and Microsoft Excel (one file – optional)

Download our Capabilities Brief for information on NFSTC’s complete line of services:

  NFSTC Capabilities Brief

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