DNA Technical Review Services

With today’s laboratories often stretched to the limit, the technical review step for DNA testing can create a huge hurdle to timely casework. NFSTC now offers technical review services for case work and databasing, as allowed by the FBI Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) (9/1/2011), to get your eligible profiles reviewed for faster entry into CODIS.

Laboratories can improve turn-around time while keeping analysts working the current case load, improve the chances that a perpetrator can be apprehended before striking again and exonerate falsely accused individuals.

As per NIJ’s FY 2012 DNA Backlog Reduction Program, outsourced technical review costs can be included in your grant application. Rest assured that NFSTC will coordinate your review team in compliance with NIJ solicitation criteria and our costs have been vetted through GSA.


  • A nationwide team of casework analysts experienced in databasing and forensic DNA testing
  • Established processes to keep casework and database sample reviews in compliance with the FBI Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) and prevent conflicts of interest
  • Flexible scheduling for on-site casework and/or database sample reviews
  • Secure file transfer systems in place for affordable off-site technical reviews

Our analysts are available for competency testing and will work in compliance with all laboratory requirements and protocols.  In addition, compliance paperwork will be provided to the laboratory to demonstrate compliance with the FBI QAS.

Expertise Highlights

NFSTC has a wealth of experience with DNA laboratory expertise, including development of the training content at http://www.dna.gov/, managing and conducting more than 700 external DNA audits nationwide for the National Institute of Justice since 2002, and DNA analyst instructor-led training.

NFSTC is a GSA provider

Government and State agencies can conveniently contract for goods and services from NFSTC using the General Services Administration (GSA) system. For assistance, contact  Compliance & Contract Services at sales@nfstc.org.

To request a quote for casework technical review, please contact us at sales@nfstc.org.

Download our complete GSA price list:

  GSA Price List rev_Apr_2014

Download our Capabilities brief:

  NFSTC Capabilities Brief

*NDIS language:

*The current Quality Assurance Standards for DNA Databasing Laboratories and the Quality Assurance Standards for DNA testing laboratories allows NDIS participating laboratories to use contract employees to perform DNA typing and/or analytical support services. The person performing these services must meet the relevant qualifications for the equivalent position in the NDIS participating laboratory.  Employment of a contract employee by multiple NDIS participating laboratories and/or vendor laboratories shall be disclosed and shall only be permitted subject to approval by the technical leader of the NDIS participating laboratory for which the contract employee is performing DNA typing and/or analytical services.  Additionally, the technical leader ensures that the contract employee complete or be deemed to have satisfied the portions of the training program that are relevant to the duties/services he/she will be performing for the NDIS laboratory. Successful completion of an employee’s or contract employee’s competency test must be documented. In addition, the contract employee must enter into the NDIS laboratory’s proficiency testing program (to the full extent in which he or she participates in casework or database work) within 6 months of the completion of the competency test.