Market Research

Today’s forensic science technology and services industry faces tight funding and increasingly savvy purchasers, so getting the right information about your target market is critical. What questions should you ask? What does the industry need? Is your product a game changer?

NFSTC has teamed with market research professionals to help you refine your marketing strategy for success. Mix and match services to get a clear picture and actionable feedback. Our unique team can provide:

  • Proprietary online panel for qualitative and quantitative research initiatives in the forensic industry. Panel comprises U.S. law enforcement, military, DoD and forensic service professionals
  • More than 20 years of deep forensic industry knowledge
  • Industry-standard market research methodology for large and small projects
  • All projects include full report of findings and recommendations.

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Forensic industry market research packages

Mix and match services to get a clear picture and actionable feedback (additional services also available):


Basic Details

Use this if you want to know:

General forensic industry consulting

Discuss your product ideas

What are the questions you should be asking about your product?

  • How can/should you market your product?
  • Does your product fill a critical need?
  • What is the fastest/most efficient/best route to revenue?


Ask five questions via online survey of industry professionals
Min. reach=100-300

Basic industry opinions:

  • Are they familiar with your company or product?
  • Is your concept of value to them?
  • Can they see the advantage of your idea?
  • What are their biggest issues with similar technologies?

and AskMore+

Ask additional questions at each level

AskMore: Add basic pricing questions and purchase intent


  • Does anything need to change for them to adopt your product?
  • Do they have suggestions for your product?

Focus Groups

Face-to-face, moderated by a research professional with optional client

Give potential customers a chance to see/test drive your product.

  • What would they improve?
  • Do they like it/want to buy it?
  • Hear sales objections before you’re actually selling
  • Comparisons to similar products
  • Does the product address unmet needs or replace anything?
  • What is the best way to communicate the product to prospects?
  • What are the reactions to the pricing?


Usability workshops

Hands-on with the end-user/bench analyst/investigator to ‘kick the tires’ on your product regarding ease of use, perceived benefits and suggested changes.

In-depth interviews (phone or web)

One-on-one interviews with potential end-users.

Can be bundled with other services to provide deeper qualitative information.

Download our Capabilities Brief for information on NFSTC’s complete line of services:

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