SOFIC 2020

NFSTC@FIU provides SOF with innovative exploitation training, exercise support and equipment integration. Our expertise in biometrics, forensic science and exploitation technologies helps your operators get the most out of every intelligence opportunity. Visit booth 327 to see how hidden intelligence can be found with the right combination of knowledge and tools.

Modular mass-spectroscopy instrument system

The FIU Innovations table includes examples of new ideas and tools for development, including the mini ion trap just the size of a penny.

  Mini Ion Trap

Microfluidic device for explosives detection

Learn more about the paper microfluidic devices for the rapid, on-site detection of multiple explosive compounds (quad chart),

  Rapid Detection of Explosive Compounds

Capabilities shown include forensic exploitation and training, biometrics, chemical and explosives detection, Rapid DNA, CELLEX/DOMEX, blast mitigation and cutting-edge field tools.

Global Forensic and Justice Center at FIU
Deployable Technology Development