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Students learn about forensic science careers

A student searches for evidence in NFSTC's mock crime scene.

Students from two Pinellas County schools participated in tours of NFSTC’s training warehouse.  The event, coordinated by Junior Acheivement of West Central Florida, was part of their Groundhog Shadow Day, an opportunity for students to visit business to learn about various career fields. 

Nearly 20 high school students and their teachers spent the morning marking mock crime scenes to learn about crime scene investigation; learning some of the basic forensic tests that investigators perform like using alternative light sources and chemical identification tests using Raman technology; and asking questions of scientists about careers and opportunities in forensics.

NFSTC chemist Kirk Grates explains mobile chemical detection technology to students from Pinellas County.

Forensic science and crime scene investigation are gaining mainstream popularity as career opportunities due, in large part, to television shows depicting the work of medical examiners, CSI teams, forensic anthropologists and others. 

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