Tips for hiring a quality DNA audit team

We know securing a quality QAS audit is critical for your DNA work, now and into the future. When hiring an audit team, here are our top recommendations to ensure the work is done properly:

Plan ahead: Initiate the procurement process early enough to leave at least two months of planning time between the purchase order or contract and the date of the audit. This allows time for team selection, laboratory review of the auditors’ qualifications, arrangements for reasonably priced airfare, and to compile and send materials for audit team review at least two weeks prior to arrival.

Communicate: Let the auditing body know up front if the audit will be grant funded so Federal requirements/restrictions can be taken into account (GSA rates, residency restrictions, etc.).

Consider providing validation summaries in advance: The validation landscape has changed significantly and validation studies vary quite a bit in size, scope, and complexity. Reviewing summaries ahead of time reduces required time on site, and potentially overall cost.

As of December 31, 2017, NFSTC will no longer provide DNA laboratory auditing services. The good news is there are more audit providers now than ever before. Check with your accrediting body for referrals and services you need.

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